📨Transaction fees

AC token transaction fee capture model:

5% of the total divided into:

  • Liquid pool: 2%

  • Holders: 1%

  • Feed: 2%

    • 1% Governance portfolio (the community will decide if they are burned or distributed)

    • 1% Aureal Trade for the improvement of systems, implementation and creation of new functions and projects

We have focused on 3 stakeholder development to ensure success for token value accumulation. Therefore in the future, along with the creation of the blockchain, we will establish through smart contracts that the income generated through Aureal Trade will be distributed among 3 stakeholders to support the ecosystem of content creators and users. In order to provide the necessary resources for the market to grow and the development of high-quality experiences for the community.

Stakeholders are:

Liquid pool

Designed so that all income generated through the community adds value to the token. 2% of the transactions with the asset will go directly to the pool to ensure a progressive evolution of the asset.


This part has been created to reward users who hold the token. This is how we encourage acquisition while rewarding users in the community.


The feed is intended to increase the value of the asset and the community based on your decision. We have divided this section into 2 parts:

  • 1% Governance portfolio: We have enabled a portfolio that will store 1% of transactions and then put to a vote among the community what they want to do with them: if they want them to be burned or if they prefer to re-enter the community's portfolio.

  • 1% Aureal Trade: The project reserves 1% of transactions for improvements, evolution and the development of new projects and associations that benefit the community and give it value.

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