Aureal Trade (EN)

Platform information

In essence, Aureal Trade is a platform that offers in a diversified way, a way to learn, create and share content within it, in a profitable and safe way. We offer all our users (whether they are creators, learners, etc.) the opportunity to be rewarded, grow their content or be viralized by millions of people. It allows any user within the platform to monetize everything they do within it from accessing it, creating content, commenting on a post, etc.
Practical example of issues addressed:
If there were “YouTube for traders”, all the people on that platform are potential users for your community, right?
And, if “investor Twitter” existed, you'd have a quick and easy way to connect with your audience while growing your network, right?
Furthermore, these platforms are already difficult to monetize due to their large volume of people and diversification of content.
There are profitable traders who do not yet have a large enough investment portfolio to make a living from trading. And if we add the difficulty of monetizing current platforms, it can take years to make a full living from trading. The monetization of the platform is one more help for users and content creators.
Some content creators are victims of the theft of their creations. Aureal Trade aims to solve this problem with blockchain digital signatures.
Centralized academies tend to give monotonous courses because they usually always have the same representatives.
Aureal Trade aims to solve all these, and more possible drawbacks, and create a platform where in addition to being a dedicated investment platform and it is easier to grow as a creator of investment content, you have all the advantages of current social networks in just one platform dedicated to investments.