Aureal Trade (EN)


Aureal Trade was born in 2019 as a signal provider, after having spent several years in the top 10 of signal providers thanks to the risk management classes, the CEO together with the technical team began to study the main problems and needs of the community users from an internal point of view and possible solutions.
Since then, Aureal Trade has not ceased its socio-economic information services, but has dissociated itself from the signal providers to start creating the new project: Decentralization of Aureal Trade.
Aureal Coin, together with the Aureal Trade project, was born from the need to implement a reliable system for the user, easy to recommend, that does not have a pyramidal profit system or risk of fraud and provides security to content creators.
Therefore, we are going to empower the community to create the first decentralized academy. Contemplating that knowledge can be generated and transmitted vertically and horizontally without dependence on a single source of knowledge located at a higher level. This will give confidence to new users and prestige to CC*.
For the connection between users of the community and content creators we will use the social network: we have enabled a social section where each user has a profile in which to publish their content and in which other users can see the progress of each one.
Aureal Coin is the platform's reward token. Awarded to the community for consuming or creating content within the community. It is used to acquire services and/or products within the platform but its objective is to be able to be used in all investment services, to facilitate transactions between investment platforms: brokers, portfolios, newspapers, academies and a myriad of tools that are used by traders daily.
Finally, to unite all the infrastructure we will create the blockchain where new aspects will be implemented to the current architecture of the project (Phase 6).
In May 2021, the Aureal Trade team began the preparations for both projects, stipulating a series of bases for the correct development by the work sub-teams; such as the total amount of tokens to be issued and the fundamentals of the projects:
Anyone who is in possession of 1 AC* is part of the Aureal Trade community and has a voice and vote on the issues that concern them. The decentralized community accepts anyone and has a scalable program for all users.
In June 2021 Aureal Trade already has 60% of the system active (in beta phase) and any user can register and get (in a simulation) the first AC in the community by following a series of steps.
*From now on we will refer to content creators as 'CC', and the Aureal Coin token project as 'AC'.

"Perfection is relative, but the divine is absolute."

  • Richard Picazo Ortolá, Aureal Trade CEO.