Aureal Trade (EN)

Aureal Coin

Currently, with the world of crypto, tokens and NFTs booming, it seems that everyone wants to have their own asset: soccer teams, streamers, companies, etc. More and more people are creating new assets.
But... There is no token for traders. We are the ones who give life to the markets and every day more people enter the world of investments, whether in cryptocurrencies, Forex, Futures or other markets. On different occasions we have shown that retailers are also a large part of the market that must be taken into account: "as for example when a group of traders got together to save GameStop".
Also, every day, it is more difficult to find a safe place to learn and impart knowledge, due to the large number of scammers that you can find on the networks.
Aureal Trade aims to establish a social trading platform, where to bring together all content creators dedicated to investments so that they can monetize their content, and that the trading community can decide who will teach during the next season at the first academy decentralized trading, while fostering learning.
Aureal Coin is focused on rewarding both the consumer and the content creator, with the content creator always being the biggest beneficiary.
AC is the fundamental utility token within the Aureal Trade platform. The platform establishes mechanics where it links the token with the platform and its value. It serves as the base for the transactions of services and products within the platform where it has the following uses:
On the Aureal Trade platform:
  • Users spend AC to purchase exclusive content of their own from content creators within the platform. Users themselves also have the opportunity to earn AC for participating within the platform by sharing their ideas, videos, analysis, etc.
  • Creators obtain AC by uploading content to the platform in addition to selling their own services within it. With this, they promote their visualization on the platform to continue expanding their community and climbing steps within it.