Phase 1:

✅ Development of the reward system
✅ Development of the new main project (Aureal Trade)
✅ Private access to the token (only for community users)
✅ Debug and update the web
✅ Pre-sales strategy planning
✅ Affiliate program
Content creators can now sell services and products, while users can consume both free and paid content while earning rewards in AC. A fast payment system with low commissions is key to incentivize content creators to share and sell their content on Aureal Trade platforms.

Phase 2:

✅ Token creation
⌛ Initial collection
⌛ Negotiations with initial investors
⌛ Initial Marketing
⌛ Increase and nurture a socio-economic community with the knowledge of the users themselves
⌛ Development of marketing campaigns
We have around 80% of Aureal's core functions active. We have implemented a better social interaction between the users of the community, in addition to including content of value for the users and an easy dissemination of the content, as well as the visual improvement of the same.

Phase 3:

⌛ Publication of whitepaper and additional information
⌛ Community events
⌛ Staking Program
⌛ Launch of the public token (ICO)
⌛ Launch binance and token lists (Coinlist…)
⌛ Improve the social network
Improvement of the flow of CA with the implementation of new links between users and teachers, due to the increase in content consumption by platform users and the offer of payment for content in CA compared to the offer of payment with conventional currencies.

Phase 4:

⌛ Affiliate program improvement
⌛ Consistent execution of marketing campaigns
⌛ Apply for multiple major exchanges to increase Aureal
⌛ Coin (for example CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap)
⌛ Carrying out of several audits carried out by recognized specialists
This phase aims to consolidate the exit of the asset in the crypto investor community, with the launch on the most popular social trading platforms and databases.

Phase 5:

⌛ Increased community building, including 'HODL Awards'
⌛ Concept of implementation and interconnection of multiplatforms
⌛ Creation of the Aureal Trade app
⌛ Improve the social network
⌛ Underlying projects to add more value to the token Example: Game, simulation and learning platforms
⌛ Build trust through long-term relationships with global partners, such as exchanges and partners.
In phase 5 we hope to announce the first partnerships with large companies in the sector so that they accept AC as a payment method on their platforms, promote the purchase and sale of the token among users and that they can enjoy new advantages and discounts.

Phase 6:

⌛ Blockchain
In this phase we want to implement the entire project infrastructure within our own blockchain and a mobile app. The platform will allow content creators and users to create and sell NFTs of their ideas, courses, analysis or operations to shield the copyright of the content creator and provide them with security, since there are too many groups that are dedicated to stealing and reselling the content from other creators and investors.
The infrastructure of the project is prepared so that we do not have to depend on the transactions of the creators and by having our own blockchain we could lower the transaction fees at ridiculous or even zero rates.