♻️Fundamentals of the project economics

The proposal of the Aureal Trade platform is to directly monetize the content of the creators and capitalize their service proposals while promoting the display, reproduction and acquisition of their services and products with the community Airdrops program.

To allow a healthy economy in the project, the platform must allow the purchase and sale of: currency, products and services. Aureal Trade will integrate a central system that allows global, instant, profitable and secure payments between two users on the Internet.

The ecosystem contemplates a scalable program within the community to guarantee the authority of users and Content Creators (CC): CCs can sell premium content and services (based on their position) to all users in the community, in addition to earning AC for shared content and reward their followers for consuming or viewing it.

All users in the community earn AC as a reward for consuming and participating in the community's content. In this way we encourage learning, evolution and continuous development of new users. It is also a new monetization window for investors who are profitable but do not yet have accounts large enough to live on their investments.

We are excited to have the opportunity to build new types of business and learning models with the economy provided by users and content creators both in terms of revenue model and tokens.

AC provides liquidity to users, creators and investors of the Aureal Trade ecosystem. The value of the token is calculated on what content creators and investors can create and trade within our platform.

The main income groups will be the following:

  • Academy: The main product of the platform. Users will have the power to modify their price, having a minimum initial price of € 300 for 6 months.

  • Store: All CCs previously recognized by the community will be able to sell their services and content in the platform's store. The community will also have power over the commissions imposed by the platform.

  • NFTs: Currently we have enabled a program to create NFTs on an external platform (Open Sea) for CCs, but in the future with our blockchain all these processes will be internal.

  • Commerce: The commercialization and use of the currency.

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