Crowdsale 48%: Most of the token is intended for public sale for sustainable currency development, thus leaving 48 million units free for purchase/sale.

Team and collaborators 20%: The development team remains 20% that is divided into the different internal administrative sections such as marketing, design, programmers, consulting, etc. Other projects divide this section into more groups so as not to alert the total percentage of the team, but we consider that all the sections that work on the project are part of the team and are already included in this partition.

For the safety of the community, all the team's tokens will remain locked for 6 months and then they will be gradually unlocked so as not to be able to alter the ecosystem.

Partners and investors 18%: This percentage could vary according to the success of the initial collection, this being the maximum possible. The remainder would go to the public pre-sale and/or the crowdsale. This partition is reserved for employees and investors who want to participate in the project from the beginning.

Community 10%: The user community has 10 million units that will be distributed in the form of airdrops, user programs, raffles and various activities already active on the web.

This partition will be divided into 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: AC 5M | This first phase includes rewarding all users of the community equally, reducing the rewards depending on the evolution of the project.

  • Phase 2: AC 5M (Blocked until decision vote) | This second phase will be the community, through the governance vote, that decides how these AC are going to be distributed, if they want to do staking, if for example they want the CC to be rewarded more, or some kind of rank etc.

4% Ambassadors: We have reserved 4% of the broadcast for possible contracts with Exchanges, Ambassadors, Images and/or PR that would make the network grow exponentially with the dissemination of the project in their communities.

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