Social Trading

A social network focused on the world of investments.
Open an investor profile and start uploading and sharing your investment movements, analysis or content.
The platform incentivizes the viewing of creators content with the token reward, in addition to rewarding CCs for shared content.
Social networks today are controlled by the elite of companies and these, in turn, by governments. What sometimes causes restrictions, limitations and even bans/shadowbans to restrict the freedom of expression of users. Sometimes, certain members of the community have been affected by these bans for sharing "sensitive" information with users (such as the execution of certain government methods that could affect the population).
The aim of the Aureal Trade social network is to provide freedom, security and recognition to users supported by the community.
In this way, the control of the social network is entirely up to the community and no one could omit any user endorsed by the community.


Community recognition
No socio/economic censorship
Dedicated network
Increase in followers for CC
Incentive for novice traders to continue studying
Security for community users when buying a service or product
Safety for CCs as they have the backing of the community


Size of the main network: due to the theme of the network, there are users who may not feel identified to register in it. This is expected to change over time with the acceptance and adoption of blockchain technology in more and more industries. The horizons of users interested in investments are expanding, so this disadvantage would no longer be a disadvantage in the long term.

🔐 Security

  • Users must register with an official identification, such as a nationality document or passport, so they can only have one active account per person.
  • The only way to discredit a network profile supported by the community is for the community itself to "beat" it with 2 strikes:
    • Strike 1: The community votes a user as a questionable profile, this profile would have a distinctive mark so that users are alert with the information of this profile.
    • Strike 2: Account eliminated, if an account with 1 strike continues to receive ban votes from the community, it will be eliminated and totally discredited by the community.
The strike system will evolve along with the volume of the community's population. If a banned user creates a new account, he or she will no longer have the recognition of the community and the community, as it already knows the user in question, is very difficult for them to attribute future recognition of it.
  • The chain of blocks will record the movements of the users verifying the authenticity of the users by the same chain.
  • The content dissemination algorithms will always be related to the activity and performance of the users (without possible manual omissions), they will be audited and published once the vulnerability of these algorithmic implementations is certain.
If a user is banned by some type of joint action of other users of the community or any type of fraudulent report, he could appeal the strikes or the ban itself and the Aureal Trade team will review all the information to determine if the ban has been, or not, fair.