Users in the trading community face major obstacles when choosing or opting for a specific mentor or academy for fear of scam, time to profit, and the high costs of quality financial education. The platform contemplates guaranteeing the authorship of the creators by verifying the users of the community.

With this we want to ensure that every user who wants to learn about all types of investments does not fall into scams and has the opportunity to choose their mentor or mentors within a community free of scammers where they can choose within the wide range of CC that we will have in our community.

The platform has a scalable evolutionary user program, it means what:

The information of the ecosystem is subject to changes, as well as: the categories, conditions and/or benefits to achieve scale in the community. Depending on the evolution of the project, modifications to the system can be included or excluded to improve its functionality and security (always for the benefit of the community). Without having to be affected the status previously achieved before these possible changes.

Educators are chosen by the trading community. As there are limited positions (4 for every 1000 Elite users), to compete as an educator you must have the minimum performance of the season in question. Among the top performing creators, educators will be chosen by the community to teach classes at the academy.

For a perfect synergy with the protocol, there is a minimum of AC that must be in possession to scale positions in the community, offering security for the voters. Knowing that if someone is opposing as an educator, it is because they have at least 301 AC in the portfolio, thus also promoting the HOLD to increase the value of the token.


The Aural Trade protocol consists of 4 layers:

  1. Consensus Layer: Follow-up by community users about content creators. Post Blockchain: The blockchain will record the decisions about the members that will make up the academy and the variants that are put to a vote, such as the setting of new goals or changes in the roadmap.

  2. Content Layer: Creators can sell services and products to community users. Post Blockchain: 90% of the content and assets of the platform will be tokenized offering security to the CCs and users of the platform.

  3. Real-time layer: Allows users and creators around the world to tokenize both their content and the time they spend interacting with viewers.

  4. Feedback: Users get the opportunity to be content creators and these in turn can become recognized by the community as a great investor by teaching in the decentralized academy and offering an opportunity to grow more quickly.

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