🔢Use cases

Main & Basics

The first use case is the exchange between user and creator. Community users can purchase courses, classes, private groups, NFTs, and more services and products.

The second case of exchange is between the user, the creators and the platform itself. The community will create the first decentralized academy and make resources available to creators and users so that they can improve and scale the quality of their content.


AC is a governance token that allows its holders to participate in the governance decisions of the platform. With this, the owners can exercise the right to vote on key elements within the platform, election of the CCs of the platform, attributions of grants from the foundation to content creators, prioritization of functions in the platform's roadmap, including the resolution of commissioner tokens...

AC owners cannot delegate these voting rights to other users. They only have the right to vote for themselves.

On the other hand, in the more advanced phases of the project, we hope that the tools most used by our users will accept the token as a payment method. To provide the investment community with the same currency for all its tools such as brokers, TradingView, newspaper subscriptions, etc.

Aureal Coin has the ambition to be the currency of traders and the larger its community, the more strength and power of acceptance it will have on the most popular platforms. Since many projects have the limitation of the number of users that use the asset and its possible use cases.

Aureal Coin could be used as a exchange currency on all investment-related platforms, from brokers to play2earn games, as a large part of its audience would use the Aureal Trade platform to share related content and spread their projects.

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