Aureal Trade (EN)


The decentralized academy is the main product of Aureal Trade. This idea of ​​academy does not seek to have competition with other academies or educators in the sector, but rather the opposite: promote their communities, provide them with security, recognition and clients.
Any content creator, educator or representative of any academy can become an educator or analyst within the platform and would have the recognition of a whole community of investors. What gives them prestige and distinction from other adversaries who may pretend to deceive the community.
It would also be one more attraction of clients for their personal projects.
The community users themselves are the creators of the academy product, composition, price, commissions and more variants that are entirely up to the community.
The product is designed for users to maintain a continuous and diversified study for periods of 6 months. What would prepare them against many adversities that will be found later in the market after having compared different opinions of the representatives of the academy in that period.
The agenda on which the academy will be based cannot be established until the election of the ECC (Elite Content Creator) as analysts and educators, each season may be different as the analysts and educators representing the academy may change. But it will always be divided into 3 phases:
  • Basic concepts
  • Medium level
  • Advanced level
For educators and analysts it also means a marked increase in their income, as the cost of the package is divided between the academy speakers.