๐Ÿ’ซNetwork Promotion

The acceptance of the community is acquired through a BEP20 token called ยซAureal Coinยป, this utility token will serve to add value to the network and acquire exclusive goods and services from CCs in the community. To boost the network, users, creators, and developers are rewarded for creating content within the platform. At the same time, new users of the community will be incentivized for an exclusive time. These financial incentives will help drive and add value to the network until it independently attracts new users, creators, and developers.

Since one of the biggest problems in the sector is that, by not having "quick" profits on investments, traders who have felt cheated would leave this world never to return. These incentives are intended to finance part of the education of new users and help content creators to increase their network and production quality, discarding the possibility that a user may feel cheated, since they are the first beneficiaries and also there is no a higher body handpicking an educator or analyst.

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