Although we cannot provide technicalities of the blockchain as such, we can explain its bases and foundations.

The Aureal trade Blockchain, in essence, intends to record in a decentralized manner the movements of users and content creators of the platform to guarantee the authenticity and veracity of the content offered by the platform and the CCs.

The Aureal Trade protocol consists of 4 layers:

  1. Consensus Layer: The blockchain will record the decisions about the members that will make up the academy and the variants that are put to a vote, such as the setting of new objectives or changes in the roadmap, commissions or the price of the academy, among others.

  2. Content Layer: Approximately 60% of the content and assets of the platform will be tokenized, offering complete security to the CCs and users of the platform.

  3. Real-time layer: Allows users and creators around the world to monetize both their content and the time they spend interacting with viewers and creators.

  4. Feedback: Users get the opportunity to be content creators. These in turn can become recognized by the community as a great investor by teaching in the decentralized academy and offering them an opportunity to grow more quickly.

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