📜Content map

The persistent map determines the content of a specific creator. In most blockchain projects, the services or products that are sold ensure fair trade between both parties, but they do not specify the veracity of the service or product. In this case, the blockchain determines not only a secure trade but also a guarantee that the community supports that content. This is of utmost importance as it specifies the domain of who and what is on the other side of the transaction.

In Aureal Trade there can be an infinite amount of services and products, but what is finite is the amount of CC that can be verified by the community, since at the moment there are only 2 status levels above the CC: the analyst and educator.

This structure has several advantages:

  • CCs have the ability to combine their content to create a larger network of users, interact with them closely and add value to them while seeing micro-rewards in AC for consuming their content.

  • Followers and CC can cooperate in creating these broader experiences by building them together within the platform with the provided tools and thereby sharing the rewards (whether financial or purely social or artistic).

There is also an economic incentive program for users and CC to work together through the platform, not yet specified.

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