Aureal Trade (EN)

Market overview

The current investment market presents favorable conditions that offer Aureal Trade a unique opportunity to exploit the investor market, as well as the opportunity to be able to change the power and income potential in the hands of users and content creators, in the growing movement of the people in the world who are increasingly interested in knowing how to invest their money. This will add significant value to the platform.
  • The level of global investors is expected to reach 20 Trillion dollars in 2021 and with the great evolution of blockchain technology in various economic sectors, this figure is growing every day.
Video games and NFTs are growing the number of investors every day to a very high level and, with the financial education offered by educational centers, the majority of new investors may be putting their capital at risk. This proposal also aims to globalize a sector where new users can safely learn to select and diversify their investments.
  • It is expected that with the large volume of new users interested in learning about various types of investments, this will be one of the conditions for the Aureal Trade platform to gain momentum and exhibit an exponential growth rate of 50% initial and 15% per year during the years to come, due to the global growth of users willing to invest and train around the world.
Also, if the community gives strength to the platform, many of the CCs will be forced to bring their knowledge here if they want to gain recognition from a decentralized community. Which would considerably increase the active users on the platform and its value.


Stock Exchange
Play2earn Games
With the world evolving towards decentralization, the user community will soon need a secure and decentralized site where they can start even in the world of video games play2earn safely, as many new users tend to be recruited by projects that will never come later. to develop.
Among all markets, the total liquid investment figure is staggering. It exceeds 15 trillion dollars and grows every day.
The Aureal Trade proposal intends that you can find value studies on all the assets of the CC recognized by the community.